Positive Thought

Thursday, July 20, 2006

A new trend...

...Kathryn was chatting to a colleague yesterday while they were both staying overnight in Glasgow and mentioned that, having resigned from my job because it wasn't right for me, I had now been offered a wonderful new position (see earlier posts). She also said how I had returned to my usual enthusiastic self within 24 hours of tending my resignation. Her colleague immediately phoned her own husband and suggested he did the same thing as he is very unhappy at work - it looks like I may have started a new trend!

I have a (strongly held) view that employers are duty bound to offer development opportunities to all employees. Additionally, without sounding too David Brent-ish, work should be seriously f-u-n. I guess if your place of work isn't filling these criteria then it probably is time to quit. It's worked for me so far...

Saturday, July 15, 2006

A Poem

It's not often anyone writes a poem about me - but I received this in a Thank You card from one of the Sales Associates in one of my stores:

"Hi, Mark Ellis" we will hear no more,
No "Good O" and rushing around on the shopfloor.
You're packing your stuff, you're on your way,
I wish the best, it's simple to say.
You're off to pastures new to share your skills,
Hopefully with more money to pay the bills!
We will have extra coffee, that's for sure,
But your great check shirts we'll see no more!
With a pinch of salt I hope you take this,
'Cause truth be told you'll be sorely missed.
You're a great role model and manager too,
You'll have success in all that you do!
So goodbye, "good luck" is needless To say,
But to thank you in my own way!
You've given me praise and support from the start,
You're a genuine guy, with a great heart.
We'll wipe our tears and drink to you,
Thank you, good luck and toodle-ouh!

It reminds me that a) I'll miss some of the people that I currently work with b) support your Team and they'll support you.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Fortune favours the brave

The whole Resign-without-a-job-to-go-to strategy was always a slightly risky move - but, as it turns out, I seem to have landed on my feet.

I am very excited to have accepted the job of Retail Manager at the local zoo. This is a position in an organisation that has HUGE potential. Already a world renowned zoo - and the largest primate collection in the world - there are plans afoot to develop further and become genuinely world class. It's going to be a real blast to be part of the process.

The fun starts here (or actually on Aug 4th when I start work).

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Here's an idea...

Noel and I had a great time today running the second of two Idea Generation Days with the volunteer group at the local zoo. The whole project went really well and the group of 20 worked incredibly hard and came up with some fantastic ideas. The Zoo Director joined us this afternoon and seemed to be very impressed with a) the quality of our facilitation and b) the quality of ideas that were generated.

One of the delegates is a CBE and, as she is in her 90's, has a wealth of experience of taking part in all sorts of committees and workshops. I was impressed with the way that she quietly set about getting her idea to feature in the final selection of ideas that will be put into action - and I was thrilled that she was so fulsome in her praise of our efforts.

I also had a great conversation with the Zoo Director about some of the opportunities that the zoo will have in the future...watch this space!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Mixing with the movers and shakers.

Following on from the B2B Conference jobby that I went to in London recently (see I'm Loving It) I have been conversing with the great and the good! Or, at least, I have had a blogged conversation with Tom Peters! Check out his blog and more specifically these comments for details.

The whole crux of the discussion was based on a comment he made, "You decide...you're an adult" and my passion that we need to encourage more people to take responsibility for their actions.

Feel free to contribute to the conversation here.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Tourist Trap

Tourist Trap
Originally uploaded by Mark E.
Each month I am taking part in the Monthly Scavenger Hunt on Flickr. The challenge is to post a photo in each of the 20 categories listed for the month - with everyone then voting on their 'faves' for each category.

One of the categories for June was 'Tourist Trap' - and this is my winning entry.

Well done me :)

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Told you so...

...I said on 16th June that Argentina were peaking too soon and that they might struggle by the quarter finals - and I was right :)

(Note: I'm going to avoid mentioning that I also suggested that England would play into form by now - look, no-one can be right all the time)