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Friday, June 09, 2006

Can you guess how many?

I was beginning to think that the whole country had gone billy-bonkers with car flags in preparation for the World Cup. So - as work is not really stretching the grey matter at the moment - I did a bit of a survey.

I counted a total of 400 cars in the Wolverhampton, Birmingham and Tamworth areas (Midlands,UK) and I was pleasantly surprised to find that only 21 were sporting flags. This works out as around 5%.

So, the very good news is that 95% of us still have the sense not to stick these things onto our cars. Good news indeed.

And, of course...



At 10:11 am, Anonymous Martin Aldridge said...

As an interesting footnote , there were many flags on non engish cars in my neck of north Birmingham , however the frenchman who lives down the road had a french flag on his very english Land Rover., you really have to ask who is the most patriotic ?


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