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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

We had a great time...

...watching the England v Paraguay match on Saturday. I went down and joined Kev to watch the match in his local. We squeezed in at the back with all the 'hard' blokes (shaven heads, tattoos, etc) - they were a great crowd. I felt really comfortable as soon as they didn't do the whole boorish booing of the opposition National Anthem. They were even careful to avoiding barging us out of the way when England scored and they all rushed down to the front of the pub - despite the cautionary pre-game advice, "effing shift if we score coz we're piling down the front whether you're in the way or not". Much fun was had by all - and the half time beef cobs were great.

Why has it taken so long to post this post-match report? Maybe it has something to do with the huge amounts of Waddies 6X that Kev and I got through.

(Oh yes, and Kev may be looking for someone to carry out some Team Building stuff later in the year...)


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