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Thursday, July 20, 2006

A new trend...

...Kathryn was chatting to a colleague yesterday while they were both staying overnight in Glasgow and mentioned that, having resigned from my job because it wasn't right for me, I had now been offered a wonderful new position (see earlier posts). She also said how I had returned to my usual enthusiastic self within 24 hours of tending my resignation. Her colleague immediately phoned her own husband and suggested he did the same thing as he is very unhappy at work - it looks like I may have started a new trend!

I have a (strongly held) view that employers are duty bound to offer development opportunities to all employees. Additionally, without sounding too David Brent-ish, work should be seriously f-u-n. I guess if your place of work isn't filling these criteria then it probably is time to quit. It's worked for me so far...


At 6:25 am, Anonymous Dale said...

What’s happened to the Blog Mark? I used to really enjoy these; they were truly inspirational!

I know you have a new job, but an update every so often would be great.


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