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Saturday, July 15, 2006

A Poem

It's not often anyone writes a poem about me - but I received this in a Thank You card from one of the Sales Associates in one of my stores:

"Hi, Mark Ellis" we will hear no more,
No "Good O" and rushing around on the shopfloor.
You're packing your stuff, you're on your way,
I wish the best, it's simple to say.
You're off to pastures new to share your skills,
Hopefully with more money to pay the bills!
We will have extra coffee, that's for sure,
But your great check shirts we'll see no more!
With a pinch of salt I hope you take this,
'Cause truth be told you'll be sorely missed.
You're a great role model and manager too,
You'll have success in all that you do!
So goodbye, "good luck" is needless To say,
But to thank you in my own way!
You've given me praise and support from the start,
You're a genuine guy, with a great heart.
We'll wipe our tears and drink to you,
Thank you, good luck and toodle-ouh!

It reminds me that a) I'll miss some of the people that I currently work with b) support your Team and they'll support you.


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